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Graham Norris Personal and Professional Development Coach

Graham Norris

Graham has worked within corporate bodies and has experienced how management structures and work culture impact on performance outcomes. When coaching Small to Medium sized enterprises, he recognises the practical needs of small teams, often in flat structures, and uses interventions that help them learn how to perform effectively in order to achieve key targets.

Graham Norris Action Change

He has considerable experience of designing effective learning and development processes, gained from working in a diverse range of business sectors. He believes that a focus on learning, not training, leads to sustainable changes in how people behave within the workplace.


Graham is a graduate of the Bristol Common Purpose programme, which developed his awareness of how communities are connected, and which factors most influence key strategic decisions in Commerce, Health, Education, Local Government, and the Voluntary Sector etc. It also provided him with the knowledge and capability to guide and shape the future of organisations.

As a qualified Mediator, Graham brings creative problem resolution skills to his development work with individuals and teams. His life long passion for athletics saw him work for 3 years with UK Athletics where he managed the re-writing and production of a teaching resource that was delivered to every school in the UK.

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Recent Testimonials

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The team development event run by Graham was extremely productive and a represented a chance for members to air their views and learn to problem solve. Graham enabled the management to examine itself more closely, deal with change & emerge a stronger, more motivated team. -Tricia Rawlingson-Plant Director Mill on the Brue Activity Centre

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Just a quick note to mention the overwhelmingly positive (unprompted) feedback that we got from our staff yesterday – they all told us how much they have valued the training & your work with them and indicated how much they have valued your support & recognise that this has had a significant impact on their practice – so thank you! -Nik Harwood Service Manager: Leadership Development

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Action Change - Ethical Coaching Principles 1

Ethical Coaching Principles 1

1) Our work is always conducted within an entirely confidential setting

2) We will always endeavour to develop a relationship with you that is based upon mutual trust and respect

3) When working with you we will maintain an impartial, non-judgemental point of view

Action Change - Ethical Coaching Principles 2

Ethical Coaching Principles 2

1) The most effective result and outcomes for you will be achieved by setting up a partnership approach to learning

2) The focus and the direction of our work will be centred on your needs as the client

3) We believe that you are capable of finding solutions to the challenges you face: we just help you to identify them

Action Change - Ethical Coaching Principles 3

Ethical Coaching Principles 3

1) We will always try to create a climate where you can use and develop your creative skills to identify solutions

2) We are committed to developing our qualifications and experience in relevant areas developing area...

3) It will always be our aim to help you take responsibility for progress and will endeavour to prevent feelings of dependency